Monday, February 8, 2016

Thank You for Helping Us Reach Our Campaign Goal!!!

Is it too late for an update? Well anyways, Safra and I want to thank you all so much for your financial support in our 2015 DRESSember Campaign! Our goal was to raise $500 and we raised $550 in total! Thanks to your generous donations, with your help  International Justice Mission (IJM) and the A21 Campaign can continue to raise awareness of human trafficking and help rescue and provide hope and opportunities to survivors of human trafficking!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


P.S. We are in search of bloggers to help bring BASI back to life! If you are interested in writing for us once a month or every other month, please email me at . We blog on human trafficking, ethical fashion, and the refugee crisis.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Dressember 2015 :: For the dignity of all women

Christine Here! It has been such a long while since we last posted on BASI, and now that Dressember has begun and I have partnered up with fellow BASI member Safra from Tea N' Hunny, I would like to extend an invitation to you all, to join us in the our 2015 BASI Dressember Campaign to help end human trafficking! Freedom is a right, which should never be taken for granted.

If you haven't heard, Dressember is a fashionista campaign to help raise awareness and funds to help end human trafficking globally. This 31 day dress challenge campaign joins participants world-wide who, through the Dressember campaign platform, raise funds for International Justice Mission (IJM) and the A21 Campaign. Wear a dress every day of December, tag #Dressember in uploaded photos, and raise money to help end human trafficking through the Dressember platform.

 Read more about it here!

Last year Safra and I partnered with a handful of fashion bloggers to use our online and social media presence to raise awareness. This year again we hope to do the same! It is currently finals week in my part of town, but right after, I am standing up with an awakened fervor to raise $600 in my personal Dressember Campaign! Each of us can make an impact, whether it's through donating $5 - $50 or spreading the word on what human trafficking is and how to spot the signs of human trafficking. Every day your actions can make a difference.

Won't you join us too?



Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ethical Blogger Network

Hello everyone! Christine here, with another ethical fashion post. Since I made the personal switch over to the ethical fashion blogger side of things I have come across many amazing young women who are also ethical bloggers. (I have yet to stumble across a man in this scene... dudes, where are you?) One of the bloggers that I have come to love following is Hannah from Life Style Justice.  She has just started an Ethical Blogger Network which consists of sustainable lifestyle bloggers, thrift bloggers, ethical fashion bloggers, and social change bloggers. This network creates a community for ethical bloggers who range from veterans to people interested in making the switch! The Ethical Blogger Network also hosts monthly Google + hangouts and discussion forums. If you are interested in joining, click on the link above and join in! :)

Remember that products and clothing you wear are produced by others, and the materials and dyes used to create these products have an effect on the environment. As people with dominion over this planet, we need to think and act in a way that will respect those on our planet (pushing companies to protect their workers, prevent human trafficking, and uphold health and safety codes) now while preserving the Earth for ourselves and our future generation.

Beautiful Clothes, Ugly Reality from Heather Stilwell on Vimeo
Click on the link above for more information on Cambodian garment workers.